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Terms and Conditions

Cake Design: GraysCakes will design and prepare a cake as agreed and confirmed via email, Please note that photographic reference cannot be replicated exactly

The Parties; Grays Cakes and the Customer (as named and responding to initial/all written contact unless otherwise stipulated in writing) [herein referred to as: ‘the customer’, ‘you’ and derivatives] agree as follows:

1.     Deposit is payable by the customer to secure your event date (deposit costs a minimum of £20 for cakes not exceeding £150 in value, over and above this value a minimum £150 deposit is payable). Confirmation of receipt and clearing of moneys will be emailed to the customer by GraysCakes. This deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to your event (14 days for cakes not exceeding £150 in value). Cancellation of your order less than 30 days prior to your event (less than 14 days for cakes costing less than £150) incurs a 100% deposit charge (£20 charge for cakes costing less than £150). Without a paid and cleared deposit GraysCakes reserves the right to schedule alternative business on the customer’s desired date without notification. Withdrawn or cancelled payment cancels your booking, no cake will be provided and GraysCakes reserves the right to schedule alternative business on the customer’s desired date without notification. Payment of a deposit/full amount indicates full agreement with the GraysCakes Service Agreement.

2.    For cakes exceeding £150 in value; GraysCakes must receive the remaining balance, and the payment clear, by 14 days prior to the event date else the contract becomes null and void; no cake will be provided and your deposit will not be refunded. Without the balance paid and cleared GraysCakes reserves the right to schedule alternative business on the customer’s desired date without notification.

For cakes costing less than £150 in value the remaining balance is payable by cash on delivery. If paying by cheque, bank/GoCardless transfer or PayPal card payment; payment must clear by 7 days prior to the delivery/collection date. Without the balance paid and cleared on/before delivery/collection GraysCakes reserves the right to retain and refuse release of your order; your deposit will not be refunded.

3.  Event postponement; if for any reason you need to postpone your event, please contact GraysCakes in writing as soon as possible by emailing Please be aware that your new date may or may not be available. If postponement is viable your deposit will be transferred without charge.

4.     Changes to design: Any changes to your design must be made no later than Fourteen (14) days. prior to the event date. Any changes made less than 14 days prior to the event date cannot be guaranteed. Any change to design may incur additional cost which will be determined at the point of change, you will have the opportunity to decline these changes and any associated charge/s.  Either a signed change summary or an agreement email from the customer indicates complete agreement with any design changes and all associated charge/s.

5.     Please take care to confirm the time and location of the delivery with your venue. GraysCakes will deliver and assemble your cake, this may incur a charge and will be detailed in the above order description if applicable. If the customer chooses to decline this service and any associated charge/s, you agree to assume full responsibility for your cake and agree to hold GraysCakes harmless from and against all consequential loss or damage/s which may result during transport, storage, stacking and display of your cake [excluding negligence, sole or contributory, by GraysCakes]. If the venue is unable/unwilling to accept delivery GraysCakes will retain your cake, GraysCakes will make all reasonable attempts to contact the customer.  Responsibility for delivery becomes yours and GraysCakes will make all reasonable efforts to facilitate delivery either by collection in person or by arranging an alternative delivery time. Additional journey/s will incur additional delivery fee/s and are payable by cash on delivery. Delivery charge/s are determined by distance traveled.

6.     GraysCakes shall not be liable for any delay due to circumstance beyond its control. For Example: traffic disruption, Ill health, supplier delays, inclement weather, or any other issues beyond GraysCakes control that makes it impossible or impractical for GraysCakes to perform as agreed. If GraysCakes are unable to perform as agreed all payments made by the customer will be refunded.

7.     GraysCakes are not responsible for any damage to the cake after delivery and setup (if applicable) is complete or once the cake has been collected. Cakes will be photographed as delivered/collected. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for your cake(s) away from potentially damaging situations such as (but not exclusively); passing venue staff, children and unstable flooring. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table. Repair services are subject to availability of staff & resources and are subject to charge including additional journey charge/s.

8.     Any cake stands or other hired equipment must be returned to GraysCakes clean within two weeks (14 days) of the event or the hire fee will not be refunded as replacement items will have to be purchased.

9.     GraysCakes may photograph your cake/s and/or order images from your photographer, GraysCakes reserves the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you.

10. Portion sizes are a guide only, GraysCakes cannot be held responsible for under-serving due to cutting greater than the ordered serving size (coffee: 1”x1”, Dessert 1”x2”). GraysCakes cannot be held responsible for over-serving as some designs/tier size combinations cannot exactly match your portion requirement.

11. Product displeasure; should you be displeased with the quality of your product this must be highlighted on delivery/collection where it will be immediately assessed in terms of agreed design; GraysCakes reserves the right to retain the product without replacement where complaints are deemed unreasonable, all payments will be refunded. Should the unlikely situation arise that you are displeased with the flavour of your cake, samples must be retained, double wrapped in cellophane/cling wrap, frozen and returned to GraysCakes as such for assessment within 24 hours. GraysCakes will assess the quality and determine whether there is an issue. Assessment will include all aspects of cake handling, transport and storage. GraysCakes decision on quality is final.

12. GraysCakes products may contain, or come into contact with; milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and will not hold GraysCakes accountable for allergic reactions.

 How to pay your deposit

A £150 deposit (or £20 if the total cost is less than £150) is payable to secure your event date. This must be paid up to 30 days prior to your desired delivery date (up to 14 days for cakes not exceeding £150 in value).  please visit our Payments page to pay your deposit securely via PayPal or GoCardless.

For cakes costing in excess of £150, the full/remaining amount is due and payable by 14 days prior to your event, GraysCakes will send you an invoice for this amount once your design has been finalised and agreed. You are welcome to make other arrangements to pay this amount as detailed below (please allow 4 working days for payments to clear).

If you would like to pay via bank transfer: 

Please arrange a transfer directly with your bank to the following account: 11-18-11  20287553 using your surname as the payment identifier

For all enquiries please contact Graham at