Wedding cake prices

 Creating the perfect cake needs many important decisions...

We are here to help, and whether by email or consultation we will help you to design something really special for your big day.

Often the first consideration is budget,
Our wedding cakes are priced in exactly the same way as all our other cakes: based on Size and Detail level.
To help you plan the first thoughts for your cake we have created three ranges;
Wedding cakes are priced on Finger Portion Servings (1" x 1" x 4" tall)
 For dessert servings (2" x 1" x 4") please double the below price per serving: a special single serving honeymoon cake will be provided free of charge for every couple choosing to serve their cake as dessert.

From £190 for a two or three tier, ribbon decorated, round cake serving roughly 80 finger portions in any of our flavours.
Additional tiers can be added at a cost of £2.50 per seving

With a huge scope for design and an exceptional degree of detail these cakes Cost £3 per finger portion with a minimum of 100 portions. Detailed features such as sugar flowers and figures will incur an additional charge.


These show stopping cakes will absolutely wow your guests and can incorporate any design and boundless detail including chocolate roses, sugar flowers, edible sculpture, with fresh raspberries or blueberries baked into your cake at no extra charge...

With each Platinum cake we give you a free, single serving honeymoon cake for the happy couple to share, this is made to mirror the design and flavour of your wedding cake.

Pricing is based on complexity but the starting price of £5.50 per finger portion incorporates a huge amount of detail.
Larger portion sizes for serving as dessert (2" x 1" x 4") are discounted to £8 per portion with the Platinum package

Please browse some of our latest creations and
contact us to arrange for a tasting box or to discuss your ideas and receive some initial designs.